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An Interesting Project in 2013


When creating an almost nine meter long wall in the Rehazentrum Kitzbühel, it was always important to me to not only choose a sensitive motif, but also to positively contribute to the room acoustics. The dimensions of the relief were ideal to optimally realize my intentions.
Inspired by the infrastructure and leisure facilities in Kitzbühel and its surroundings, I focused not only on their pleasures and risks, but also on life in general. The cubistic relief sculpture made of about 150 plasterboard modules is a freeze-frame depicting details of regional life, a state quite similar to a time-out from the usual rhythm of life. Preventive therapeutic measures and cooperation during therapy are to help end this freeze as quickly as possible to be able to actively take part in life again.
Another very important aspect was the colour of the sculpture for the waiting area. At the beginning it seemed quite a venture, but it turned out to be very rewarding for the whole enterprise to choose only blue in eight different sensitively coordinated shades, symbolizing life and regeneration. The slightly stimulating effect of the light-blue colour and the freeze's overall impression are to positively support the regenerative process and add to the waiting area of the Rehazentrum Kitzbühel.